Proceedings of IATL 28

Edited by Evan Cohen

Proceedings of IATL 28 cover

Print version published by MITWPL

Table of contents

Evan-Gary Cohen
Two paths-one goal: Vowel harmony in the acquisition of Hebrew

Reem Bshara, Irena Botwinik & Sharon Armon-Lotem
(Unique) errors in the acquisition of relative clauses in Palestinian Arabic and their (movement) account

Micha Y. Breakstone & Malka Rappaport Hovav
Too many ways of interpreting ‘what infants know about syntax’

Yael Greenberg & Moria Ronen
Three approximators which are almost/more or less/be-gadol the same

Irena Botwinik & Avaid Albert
The occurence of ‘sel’ in Hebrew binominal constructions: A prosodic account

Ilona Spector Shirtz
Connectivity predicate inversion in Hebrew specificational cleftoids

David Erschler
Sluicing-like phenomena and the location of CP is Ossetic

Galit Sassoon & Natalia Zevakhina
Granularity shifting: Experimental evidence from numerals

Olga Kagan & Asya Pereltsvaig
Motivating the DP projection in languages without articles