Proceedings of IATL 18

Edited by Yehuda N. Falk

The eighteenth annual conference of the Israel Association for Theoretical Linguistics was held at Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan on June 24-25, 2002. For the second year, we are publishing the conference proceedings on-line instead of a printed volume, in the belief that this medium is more conducive to the distribution of the material presented at the conference. All the papers that were presented at the conference are listed in the Table of Contents . For those papers which were submitted to the proceedings, there are links to short web-page abstracts and to the full papers in PDF format.

The editor would like to thank everyone who submitted a copy of the paper for the proceedings.

Jerusalem, Israel

December 2002

Table of Contents

Orit Amiram & Sharon Armon-Lotem , Bar Ilan University
Is it He or She?

Sharon Armon-Lotem , Bar Ilan University, Anat Gomple-Kazas & Odelia Unger, Tel Aviv University
How do children count objects?

Josef Bayer , University of Konstanz
Invited Speaker
Decomposing the left periphery: Dialectal and cross-linguistic evidence
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Nora Boneh , Université de Paris 8
Possessive constructions and the EPP: the case of Modern Hebrew and Standard Arabic

Na’ama Friedman , Tel Aviv University
The fragile nature of the left periphery: CP deficits in agrammatic aphasia
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Dafna Graf , Heinrich Heine University, Duesseldorf
A study on nominal reduplication in Modern Hebrew
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Alex Grosu , Tel Aviv University
An existential generalized quantifier in clausal disguise
To be published as “The Syntax-Semantics of Modal Existential wh Constructions” in Balkan Morphosyntax (Benjamins)

Daphna Heller , Rutgers University
On the Construct State, Uniqueness and Genitive Relations
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Malka Rappaport Hovav , The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
What Alternates in the Dative Alternation

Idan Landau , Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
The Locative Syntax of Experiencers

Galit Sassoon , Tel Aviv University
Semantics with Clusters of Properties
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Ivy Sichel , The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Pronoun Movement and Attraction
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Sigal Uziel-Karl , Kibbutzim College of Education
Nativist Accounts of Verb Argument Acquisition Reevaluated
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Bencie Woll , City University London
Invited Speaker
Language Modality and the Brain: Looking at Sign Languages
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Yael Ziv , The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
This, I believe, is a processing instruction: Discourse Linking via Parentheticals
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Shalom Zuckerman , Nada Vasic , Esther Ruigendijk & Sergey Avrutin , Utrecht University
Experimental Evidence for the Subject Rule
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