Proceedings of IATL 27

Edited by Evan Cohen


Print version published (2012) by MITWPL

Table Of Contents

Lena Ibnbari
Russian gerundive gaps as topic drop

Aviya Hacohen, Dana Kozlowski & Ariel Cohen
Superlative quantifiers as speech act modifiers: evidence from Hebrew

Chen Gafni
The role of consonant harmony in child language

Vadim Kimmelman
Doubling in RSL and NGT: Towards a unified explanation

Roland Pfau & Enoch O. Aboh
On the syntax of spatial adpositions in sign languages

Yaron McNabb
Hebrew definiteness marking as post-syntactic local dislocation

Dina Orenstein
The Hebrew be-sax ha-kol: An exclusive account of an approximative reading

Yael Greenberg & Keren Khrizman
The Hebrew bixlal: A general strengthening operator

Galit W. Sassoon
A slightly modified economy principle: Stable properties have non-stable standards

Giorgio Magri
Collective nouns without groups

Sascha Alexeyenko
Manner modification in event semantics