Proceedings of IATL 24

Edited by Yehuda N. Falk

This is the proceedings volume for the twenty-fourth annual conference of the Israel Association for Theoretical Linguistics. All the papers that were presented at the conference are listed in the Table of Contents. For those papers which were submitted to the proceedings, there are links to short web-page abstracts and to the full papers in PDF format.

The editor would like to thank everyone who submitted a copy of the paper for the proceedings.

Jerusalem, Israel

Table of Contents

Boban Arsenijevic, University of Amsterdam, and Berit Gehrke, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Accusative Case in PPs
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Gabriela Bilbiie, Université Paris 7
Towards a Fragmentary Analysis of Gapping in Romanian

Jenny Birger, Tel Aviv University
L1 Acquisition of Unaccusatives: Reconsidering the “Unergative Misanalysis Hypothesis”

Pavel Braginsky, Bar Ilan University
On the Semantics of Prefixation in Russian: A Case Study of the Prefix ZA-

Gabi Danon, Bar Ilan University
Grammatical Number in Numeral-Noun Constructions

Noam Faust, Université Paris 7
The template: Morpho-phonology meets Syntax in Modern Hebrew verbs
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Danny Fox, MIT
Economy and Embedded Implicatures
(joint work with Benjamin Spector, CNRS)

Martin Hackl, Jorie Koster-Moeller, and Andrea Gottstein, Pomona College
Processing Opacity

Frederick Hoyt, University of Texas at Austin
Negative Concord in Levantine Arabic

Lena Ibnbari, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Asymmetries in Russian Predicate Clefts
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Richard Kayne, New York University
Why is English is to as rare as it is?

Beth Levin, Stanford University, and Malka Rappaport Hovav, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Lexicalized Manner and Result are in Complementary Distribution

Louise McNally, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Modification and Saturation

Chris Reintges, Université Paris 7
INCREASING Morphological Complexity

Galit W. Sassoon, ILLC, University of Amsterdam & Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
Graded Individuals, Vague Discourse Entities
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Ivy Sichel, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Sabine Iatridou, MIT
English NegDPs and Scopal Predicates