Proceedings of IATL 30

Edited by Nurit Melnik


Print version published by MITWPL

Table of Contents

Decomposing Affectedness: Truth-Conditional Non-core Datives in Modern Hebrew
Elitzur Bar-Asher Siegal and Nora Boneh

The Effect of a Null Pronoun on Morpho-Phonology: Israeli Hebrew Demonyms
Noam Faust

Causal Modification of Adjectival Predicates: Insights from a Corpus Study on German Causal von (‘from’)
Johanna Herdtfelder and Claudia Maienborn

Gradability versus Counterfactuality: Almost in English and Russian
Olga Kagan and Lavi Wolf

A Brief Paper on German Umlaut
Jean Lowenstamm

Against PREDP
Ora Matushansky

Varieties of Alternative Unconditionals
Aynat Rubinstein and Edit Doron

It’s Probably Certain
Lavi Wolf