Proceedings of IATL 31

Edited by Elitzur A. Bar-Asher Siegal

Print version published by MITWPL

Table of Contents

Stressed vs. final syllable in early speech: Which one is stronger?
Avivit Ben-David and Outi Bat-El

The acquisition of pronouns in English – is there evidence for a uniform semantics of pronouns, indexicals and the definite determiner?
Saskia Brockman

Function variables in metaphoric interpretation: evidence from iconicity in sign languages
Ariel Cohen and Irit Meir

(Pseudo-)Extraction from VP-proforms: the case of the comparative clause
Vera Hohaus and Andreas Konietzko

Italian verb particles and clausal positions
Stefano Quaglia and Andreas Trotzke

Granularity and approximating number pairs
Stephanie Solt

A pragmatically enriched temporal relation
Lucia M. Tovena and Xiaoqian Zhang

Scalar particles and contrastive topics in English and Vietnamese
Malte Zimmermann