Proceedings of IATL 34-35

The combined proceedings of IATL 34 and IATL 35 – papers from the 34th and 35th annual conferences of the Israel Association for Theoretical Linguistics

Edited by Gabi Danon

This volume has been published by MITWPL; full details are available on the MITWPL website. Below you may find links to the pre-print versions of the individual papers.

Table of Contents

Voice that Feels Modern: Alternations of Perception Verbs in Hebrew
Bar Avineri

Nasalization and Drawl in Central Yiddish
Guillaume Enguehard & Noam Faust

The /áa/ Moment in Modern Hebrew
Noam Faust

Pre-nominal Adjectival Transparent Free Relatives
Alexander Grosu & Josef Bayer

Phonology-Morphology Interface: Typical vs. Atypical Development of Hebrew
Mor Haim, Noa Handelsman, Daniella Yariv, Chen Gafni, Daniel Asherov, Galit Adam & Outi Bar-El

The Difference between Blends and Clipped Compounds
Camiel Hamans

The Phonology of Nouns and Verbs in Early Hebrew Speech
Noa Handelsman, Mor Haim, Daniella Yariv, Chen Gafni, Daniel Asherov, Galit Adam & Outi Bar-El

Two Types of Object Incorporation in Uzbek
Zarina Levy-Forsythe & Olga Kagan

A Note on Lexical Reciprocity in Brazilian Portuguese
Giada Palmieri, Renato Miguel Basso, Manuela Pinto, Yoad Winter & Joost Zwaarts

The Journey of Thinking: From Subjectivity to Textuality and to Intersubjectivity
Seongha Rhee

Flavors of Scalar Lowness
Alexander Wimmer

Selectional Restrictions and the Meaning of Reciprocal Alternations
Yoad Winter