Program: IATL 37

37th Annual Meeting of the Israeli Association for Theoretical Linguistics
19-20 October 2022
Hosted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Language, Logic and Linguistic Center (LLCC)
Venue: LLCC Seminar room

Wednesday, October 19

Welcoming remarks

Invited speaker: Laura Kalin, Princeton University
Infixation and the Morphology-Syntax Interface (abstract)

Pavel Rudnev, HSE University
Free Merge, negative concord and long-distance scrambling in Russian (abstract) (slides)

11:50-12:10 Coffee Break

Yuval Z. Katz, Ronit Szterman, Gur Shalom and Naama Friedmann, Tel Aviv University
A dissociation between A’-movement and pronouns in orally-trained children with a hearing impairment (abstract)

Ziv Plotnik, Aya Meltzer-Asscher and Tal Siloni, Tel Aviv University
The Relevance of Unaccusativity to Possessive Datives (abstract)

13:30-14:40 Lunch break

14:40-15:40 Poster Session

Netta Ben-Meir, UC Santa Cruz
The prosodic structure of construct state nominals in Modern Hebrew (alternate talk)

Zhuang Chen, Bar-Ilan University
A novel, unified even-like semantics for Mandarin gèng (alternate talk) (abstract)

Omri Amiraz, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Not all scalar inferences are alike: The effect of existential presuppositions (abstract)

Itai Bassi, Abigail Bimpeh, Imke Driemel and Silvia Silleresi, ZAS, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, University of Milano-Bicocca
Strict readings of logophors and the LF of anaphoric dependencies (abstract)

Aviv Schoenfeld, Tel Aviv University
Direct kind predication and Transitivity (abstract) (poster)

Roni Katzir and Moshe E. Bar-Lev, Tel Aviv University
Communicative stability and the typology of logical connectives (abstract) (slides)

16:20-16:40 Coffee Break

Zarina Levy-Forsythe and Olga Kagan, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Obligatory classifiers and the mass-count distinction: the case of Tashkent Uzbek (slides)

Kousani Banerjee, The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad
On the semantics of Multiple Wh-exclamatives in Bangla (abstract) (slides)

18:15 Conference reception

Thursday, October 20

Fabienne Martin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Sehrang Joo, Sami Yousif, Frank Keil and Joshua Knobe, Yale University
Scaling agents via dimensions (abstract)

Giada Palmieri and Joost Zwarts, Utrecht University
On lexical reciprocity in Swahili (abstract)

Coffee Break

Noam Faust, Université Paris 8 CNRS SFL
Mojeño Trinitario syncope and stress in Strict CV metrics (abstract) (slides)

Aleksei Nazarov, Utrecht University and Brian Smith, Independent researcher
Generalization despite variation: French schwa with lexically indexed constraints (abstract) (slides)

Business meeting
Lunch break

Special session: Semitic Morphology
Invited Speaker: Outi Bat El Foux, Tel Aviv University
A tale of two clitics: Phonology in Biblical Hebrew morphosyntax (abstract)

Matthew Hewett, The University of Chicago
Allomorphy in Semitic discontinuous agreement: Evidence for a modular approach (abstract)

Coffee Break

Yael Laure and Sharon Armon-Lotem, Bar-Ilan University
Processing modes and Representation of CVCVC words in Hebrew: Insights from an auditory rhyming task (abstract)

Lily Xu, UCLA
Nonce word evidence for paradigm structure in Egyptian Arabic verbs (abstract) (slides)