Transportation and Venue

At the airport

Please have your letter of invitation ready to show at the passport control. If you have trouble you can call conference organizers, Dr. Nora Boneh (Academic Secretary of IATL) or Prof. Edit Doron (of the Department of Linguistics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem); their phone numbers will be sent by email to all accepted speakers and alternates before the conference.

Transportation to Jerusalem

Ben-Gurion Airport is located about 20 minutes from Tel Aviv and 60 minutes from Jerusalem (depending on traffic). Private taxis to Jerusalem can be found as you exit the arrivals terminal, and the ride will cost about $70 (at least NIS 250). You are advised to take the Nesher Taxi, a shared door-to-door shuttle, for the set price of 64 Shekels ($18). It operates 24 hours a day and can be easily found to your right as you exit the arrivals terminal.

Transportation in Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s public transportation system comprises of buses (Egged bus company) and the recently launched Jerusalem light rail traveling above ground (one line so far). Switching between buses and the light rail is easier using the Rav-Kav ticket, which grants a 90-minute free transfer. Tickets can be purchased at every station. Be advised to validate your card as soon as you board the light rail, since conductors tend to charge outrageous penalty fares. If taking a taxi, ask the driver to turn on the meter (maw-neh מונה) before you get in to ensure a fair price.

Mt. Scopus campus is serviced, among other lines, by the 68 bus from the Central Bus Station, and by bus lines 17 and 19 from the center of Jerusalem; they all have the bus tunnel in Mt. Scopus campus as their terminal stop.

To get from the YMCA (King David St.) to Mt. Scopus by public transportation, you could either walk to Jaffa St. (partly uphill), take the ‘Heil Ha-Avir-bound light rail on Safra Square, get off at Giv’at Ha-Mivtar (French Hill Junction) and take the 68 bus to Mt. Scopus; or take the 13 or the 18 bus to King George St. (Center of Jerusalem) and switch there to 17 or 19 to Mt. Scopus.

To get from the Montefiore Hotel (Shatz St.) to Mt. Scopus by public transportation, walk to King George St. and take a 17 or 19 bus to Mt. Scopus.

Conference Venue and Maps

The Conference will take place at the Language, Logic and Cognition Center of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at the Australia Complex, in the School of Education Building, on the Mount Scopus Campus (the Hebrew University has several campuses). To reach the Australia Complex from the bus tunnel escalator, walk straight ahead for about 10 minutes, passing the Faculty of Humanities on your way (to your right), and one floor down after passing the School of Education (follow the signs). View map; or see this map of the entire Mount Scopus (Har Ha-Tsofim) campus (look for the School of Education Building).

You may be required to show some ID when entering the campus, as well as your letter of invitation to participate at the conference, and bags will be checked.