Program: IATL 35

October 23-24, 2019 • The Open University

23.10.2019 Wednesday

9:30–10:00 Registration & Coffee
10:00–10:10 Welcoming remarks
10:10–10:30 In memory of Edit Doron and Susan Rothstein
10:30–11:30 Invited speaker: Iris Berent (Northeastern University)
Amodal phonology
11:30–12:10 Noa Handelsman, Mor Haim, Chen Gafni, Daniella Yariv, Vered Cherkez, Daniel Asherov, Galit Adam and Outi Bat-El (TAU, BIU & MIT)
Category specific phonology in the acquisition of Hebrew
12:10–12:40 Coffee
12:40–13:20 Bar Avineri (HUJI)
Perception verbs and voice
13:20–14:00 Rebekah Baglini and Elitzur Bar-Asher Siegal (Aarhus University & HUJI)
Structuring a model for direct causation
14:00–15:30 Lunch
15:30–16:00 Poster session
Moshe E. Bar-Lev (Institut Jean Nicod, ENS)
Homogeneity and (under)specification with non-distributive predicates
Alexander Wimmer (Universität Tübingen)
Flavors of scalar lowness
Seongha Rhee (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)
The journey of thinking: From Subjectivity to textuality and to intersubjectivity
16:00–16:40 Lior Laks (BIU)
Competing vowels in feminine formation: Evidence from Hebrew and Jordanian Arabic
16:40–17:10 Coffee
17:10–17:50 Idan Landau (BGU)
A scope argument against C'-deletion
17:50–18:30 Pavel Rudnev (National Research University Higher School of Economics)
Dynamic locality, split ergativity and adposition agreement in Avar
18:30– Dinner

24.10.2019 Thursday

9:30–10:00 Registration & Coffee
10:00–10:40 Eitan Grossman, Dmitry Nikolaev and Steven Moran (HUJI & University of Zurich)
The typology of phonological segment borrowing
10:40–11:20 Noam Faust (Université Paris 8 CNRS SFL)
The “aa!” moment in Modern Hebrew
11:20–11:50 Coffee
11:50–12:30 I-An Tan, Assaf Brown, Andreas Haida and Yosef Grodzinsky (HUJI)
The processing of polar quantifiers coupled with negation
12:30–13:10 Micky Daniels (BIU)
Utility-based scale in the semantics of our even
13:10–13:20 Business meeting
13:20–14:50 Lunch
14:50–15:30 Oshrat Zaviv, Sharon Armon-Lotem and Yael Greenberg (BIU)
Children's sensitivity to prosodic realization of focus: Hebrew rak(only) vs. tamid (always)
15:30–16:10 Mor Haim, Noa Handelsman, Chen Gafni, Daniella Yariv, Vered Cherkez, Daniel Asherov, Galit Adam and Outi Bat-El (TAU, BIU & MIT)
Synchronization between phonology and morphology: Evidence from slow phonological development
16:10–16:40 Coffee
16:40–17:20 Dikla Abarbanel and Nora Boneh (HUJI)
This may come as a surprise: On the verb come in Modern Hebrew pseudo-coordination constructions
17:20–18:20 Invited speaker: Kerstin Fischer (The University of Southern Denmark
Doing Linguistics Using Robots
18:20 Closing