Proceedings of IATL 34

Papers from the 34th annual conference of the Israel Association for Theoretical Linguistics

Edited by Gabi Danon

Note: The following collection of papers is a pre-publication version; the final proceedings volume is expected to be published by MITWPL.

Table of Contents

Nasalization and Drawl in Central Yiddish
Guillaume Enguehard & Noam Faust

Pre-nominal Adjectival Transparent Free Relatives
Alexander Grosu & Josef Bayer

The Difference between Blends and Clipped Compounds
Camiel Hamans

Two Types of Object Incorporation in Uzbek
Zarina Levy-Forsythe & Olga Kagan

A Note on Lexical Reciprocity in Brazilian Portuguese
Giada Palmieri, Renato Miguel Basso, Manuela Pinto, Yoad Winter & Joost Zwarts

Selectional Restrictions and the Meaning of Reciprocal Alternations
Yoad Winter